Water resources in a changing climate

Many of the world’s most sensitive hydrologic systems are in a state of rapid change. The decline of ice and snow in cold regions is threatening water supply. Meanwhile, peatland and rainforest degradation trigger hydrologic changes that can increase greenhouse gas emission and fire risk.

What We Do

My group’s research focuses on the functioning of sensitive hydrologic systems and how they are affected by, and contribute to, climate change and other perturbations. I use field measurements and numerical modelling to understand interactions between groundwater, surface water, soil carbon, glaciers and climate to project water shortages and carbon emissions. I use these insights to design engineering interventions which can be used as climate change adaptation strategies (e.g. infiltration trenching, coastline stabilization) and to limit carbon emission (e.g. peatland reclamation).


My current research areas include mountain groundwater, wetland hydrology and biogeochemistry, and climate change adaptation strategies. Learn more.

Prospective Students

I am looking for self-motivated Master’s and PhD students to begin degrees in May or September 2022 at Dalhousie University.
Learn more.


Twitter: @LaurenDSomers

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